About the author

Who is the author?

Welcome to Tokyo, and welcome to EATOKYO.jp! I hope you can have a wonderful experience in this country. The author’s personal profile is as follows.

  • Nationality – Japanese
  • Sexuality – Male (Straight)
  • Age – 33 years old
  • Living place – Central Tokyo
  • Occupation – Business person working for a Japanese trading house
  • Good at – Cooking, making sushi, painting
  • Favorite wine – Domaine Vacheron in Sancerre, Bollinger in Champagne, Kenzo Estate in Napa Valley
  • Favorite sake – Sawaya Matsumoto(澤屋まつもと) in Kyoto, Azumaichi(東一) in Saga
  • Hobby – Triathlon (completed “Ironman Race”), fishing