Real gastronomic fusion restaurant in Japan

Koichi Hashimoto, the chef of Celaravird, pursues his original “nueva cocina”, meaning “new cuisine” in Spanish. The modern fusion restaurant offers a menu course of a variety of dishes with small portions. Each dishes are full of his creativity.

“Edible twig” made from a grissino and ham – the specialty of this restaurant as an amuse

The menu is provided at JPY9,800 and wine pairing at JPY4,500. He carefully selects good drinks including Japanese wines and sake which fit his creative dishes.

Chef Hashimoto once worked in legendary gastronomic restaurants such as ElBulli in San Sebastian and Noma in Copenhagen. If you love those styles, I can strongly recommend this restaurant. Actually I visited Martin Berasategui, a Michelin-three-star restaurant in San Sebastian, the week before visiting Celaravird, the idea, techniques, and tastes of Celaravird could well compete with those of Martin Berasategui.

“Morning dew” – dashi soup obliterated by a jerry. You swallow it in one mouthful. Then the jerry breaks and the clear soup spreads out within your mouth.

“Nector” – Suck nector from the edible flower and then put the flower into the bowl which is filled with trasparent gazpacho. It looks completely transparent, but taste really like gazpacho. It’s magical!

“Summer highlands” – homemade cheese of goat milk with lemongrass and fresh extra olive oil. I tasted the cheese of goat in Basque the week before, but this restaurant’s one is exceptional.

“Seaside” – Cram and its sauce, seaweed, and dummy mussels which look like really mussel shells and are filled with curry paste.

Sea eal, wheat, corn, with cress sauce.

Roasted ayu(Japanese sweet fish) with egg plant paste topped with pickles. On the bad made from roasted Japanese tea leaves, the fish are placed. It smells so crispy and savory.

Beef steak, mushrooms, and mushed potato. The main dish looked normal compared with the appetizers. However, the beef is really juicy and has good taste.

Deserts are also originative as are the other dishes.

The restaurant accepts reservation only from its official website. Though it is difficult to make a reservation, I think it is worthwhile visiting.

2-8-11, Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Opens at 18:30 and starts the course at 19:00
Closed 6 days a month mainly on Sundays and Mondays


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