Traditional but progressive sushi restaurant in Ginza

Sushi Aoki(鮨青木) is one of the best exclusive sushi restaurants in Ginza, Tokyo. It serves truely traditional “edo-mae” sushi, meaning classic Tokyo style sushi.

Japanese horse mackerel / Aji(あじ)

Chef Toshikatsu Aoki inherited this restaurant from his father and has established its position as an exclusive sushi restaurant in Ginza. He once earned Michelin one star.

Marinated baby spotted shad / Shinko(シンコ)

He uses traditional techniques of “edo-mae” sushi and delivers real sushi experience to all the guests. For example, above sushi, so-called “Shinko”, is a typical “edo-mae” sushi item in early summer.

Baby spotted shad fish was well prepared. Each single filet is the size of less than one inch and 6 or 7 pieces are on the sushi rice – it really takes time to prepare.

On the other hand, not only keeping up tradition, he pursues to evolve sushi by trying new combination of foods or new techniques which were not used in traditional “edo-mae” sushi restaurants.

For example, the first appetizer of the day was sashimi with mascat grape. Sashimi was marinated with Japanese seaweed, as called Kombu. Though it looked a bit strange, the fruitiness of grape and the umami of marinated sashimi showed good combination.


I was also impressed by the combination of dried mullet roe and sashimi of nodoguro, a famous fatty white fish. Dried mullet roe, known as bottarga in Italian and called karasumi, was seasoned with herbs. The combination delivered rich taste and the flavor of the herbs left a fresh after note in the mouth.

Tuna / Maguro(まぐろ)

Tuna sushi rolled with “nori” seaweed is also his specialty.

Squid / Ika(いか)

Of course, the traditional sushi pieces are excellent. Ika(squid), toro(fatty tuna), and Anago(sea eal) are typical sushi items of traditional “edo-mae” style sushi restaurant. The “omakase” course, meaning “chef’s selection full course’, ends with anago.

Fatty tuna / toro(とろ)
Sea eal / Anago(あなご)

The budget for the “omakase” course including appetizers and sushi is min JPY25,000. If you tell your preference in advance, Aoki could arrange the course in accordance with the preference.

Chef Toshikatsu Aoki (photo from

Sushi Aoki (鮨 青木)
Takahashi bldg. 2F, 6-7-4, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Mon-Sun 12:00~14:00, 17:00~22:00


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