Wonderful experience of sushi & sake pairing

Sushi Hatsu (すし初is a local sushi restaurant in Yushima, an old town nearby Ueno. This restaurant has served traditional Tokyo style, as called Edomae, sushi to the local guests for almost 100 years – it was opened back in 1921.

(photo from www.yushima-shiraume.jp)
Chef of this sushi restaurant, Mr. Yuji Yamauchi is a sake master. He has a passion to explore the deep sake world and proposes an excellent pairing of good sake and the best fitted cuisines.

Sake has a wide variety of types, as does wine. The taste of sake is described with its aroma, taste, and texture. For instance, some sake has really fresh taste with apple aroma, and some has more rich taste with nuts and butter aroma. In Japan, more than 1,600 sake breweries produce different types of sake. Chef Yamauchi knows well about sake and serves it by the grass for each dish.

For light taste sashimi, he serves light and clear taste sake. He explains why the sake is fitted to the dish by an analytical approach. He has earned a certification of sommelier from Japan Sommelier Association and kikisake-shi, sake sommelier, from an NPO for the education about sake.  So he understands sake and other liquors well.

As appetizers, 5-6 dishes are served and you can enjoy different combinations of sake and Japanese cuisines. Total budget is flexible. You can tell the chef your bugdet for the sushi & sake pairing course, and then he would provide you with a nice experience within the budget. For your guidance, the average budget for my case is ¥10,000-15,000. I believe this is quite reasonable, compared with exclusive sushi restaurants in Ginza.

The chef has another face as a good photographer. He uploads nice photographs taken by himself to his Instagram account.

Chef, Yuji Yamauchi

Sushi Hatsu (すし初)
3-35-8, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Mon-Sat           11:30~14:00, 16:30~23:00
Sun, Holidays 11:30~14:00, 16:30~22:30


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