Awesome wagyu beef kaiseki course

Oniku Karyu (おにく 花柳) is a Japanese Kaiseki style restaurant. The kaiseki course fully consists of fine wagyu beef. The owner chef, Mr. Haruka Katayanagi, has a passion to extract wagyu beef’s potential as much as possible. He opened his own restaurant in 2006 and renewed in 2016 – the restaurant earned Michelin one star right after the renewal.

Yamagata wagyu beef on egg plant stewed with dashi soup

The price of the wagyu kaiseki course ranges from approximately JPY10,000 up to JPY15,000, depending on the menu of the day. My case was JPY13,000, excluding drinks, taxes, and service charge at 10%. I admit that the total budget is rather expensive as much as JPY20,000, but I can guarantee that the quality is really satisfactory level. For sure it deserves to be awarded Michelin stars.

Really tender chateaubriand steak

This restaurant has 16 seats in a counter and three tables. The prized counter seats are in fact front row seats to see the master cut, sear, boil, and charcoal grill the many elements of your meal, whetting your appetite as you watch.

Owner chef, Haruka Katayanagi (photo from official webiste)

The restaurant is well prepared to receive guests from overseas. In its English official website, chef explains well about wagyu and the concept his restaurant.

Oniku Karyu (おにく 花柳)
11-11-11, Nihonbashi-kobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Mon-Thu 17:30-23:00
Fri-Sat  17:00-23:00
Closed on Sunday and Holidays



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