Large sake selection in Japanese “salary-men”‘s territory

Shinbashi(新橋) is a business and entertainment district of central Tokyo, and is called Japanese “salary men”‘s territory because the town is crowded with every sort of casual restaurants and bars. Thus it would be difficult for foreigners to decide which restaurant to dine at. If you wish to try a casual Japanese izakaya restaurant, Nozaki Saketen(野崎酒店) could be a good candidate.

This restaurant is proud of its large selection of fine Japanese sake. Actually I was surprised with its long Sake menu with reasonable prices. The price of the fine sake menu starts only from JPY380 per grass(100ml). Every food menu is also reasonably priced and tastes good.

Some of the staffs in the restaurant are English speaker. So you can ask them about the recommended sake from its special sake selection.

The only one problem is that the restaurant is smoking free. So only if you don’t mind the cigarette smoke smell, I can recommend this place.

Nozaki Saketen (野崎酒店)
3-19-4, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Mon-Fri                   17:00~23:30
Sat/Sun/Holidays 16:30~22:30

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