The local soul food of Osaka city

If you have a chance to visit Osaka, try kushi-katsu(串カツ), an Osaka style fast food. Matsuba Sohonten (松葉総本店) is the most famous kushi-katsu restaurant in Osaka. It is located in the walking distance from Osaka station. The old standing kushi-katsu restaurant established back in 1949.

The kushi-katsu shop does not have chairs. Guests enjoy the fine kushi-katsu, standing besides the counter.

Kushi-katsu is deep-fried breaded meat, seafood, or vegetables on skewers. You can order as you like from the menu: beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, fish, tuna, cheese, onion, egg plant, green chili, potato, and etc.

Today I tell you how to enjoy Kushi-katsu. Since the guests use the same sauce placed on the table, all the guests are asked to comply with the following rules to allow everyone to enjoy this food comfortably.

The POP says “please do not dip your skewer once after you eat it”.

On the table, there are buckets of cabbage and sauce. Cabbage is for free. You can eat it as a refreshment and use it as a spoon – I will explain later.

Cabbage for free and shared sauce on the table.
  1. Dip a skewer in the sauce first.
  2. If you would like to put some more sauce on a partly eaten skewer, scoop the sauce with a piece of cabbage and pour it on the skewer.
  3. Please do not dip the skewer or cabbage you have been eating in the sauce.
  4. Please do not dip chopsticks in the sauce.

Matsuba’s menu ranges from JPY100 to JPY150 per skewer. Total budget is JPY1,500-3,000 per person.

Matsuba Sohonten (松葉総本店)
9-20, Kadota-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka pref., Japan
Mon-Fri     14:00〜22:00
Sat              12:00〜22:00
Sun             11:30〜21:30
Holidays    12:00〜21:30

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