Members-only horse meat restaurant in Hiroo

Roast Horse is a members-only horse meat restaurant in Hiroo. The exact place cannot be disclosed in accordance with the promise with the member who invited me to the secret restaurant.


This restaurant was opened in 2014. It is remarkable that the owner of this restaurant used cloud funding to secure the fund to start up this restaurant. The owner used one of a Japanese cloud funding site, Makuake, which is managed by an internet advertising company, Cyber Agent.


Only the participants of the fund can have the membership of this restaurant. Extra membership is not planned to sold as of today…

The restaurant provides a full course menu at JPY10,800 including free flow drinks.

The free flow menu includes very fine Japanese sake. The stuff recommends the best fitting sake for the dishes.

The restaurant brings horse meat from Kumamoto prefecure where is the most popular horse breeding area.


Marinated raw horse meat covered by whipped raw egg. Very rich and creamy taste.


Sushi of horse meat.


Sashimi of horse hearts. Its really fresh.


The melting point of horse fat is lower than that of beef. So sashimi of such a fatty parts tastes so sweet.


Croquet of horse meat.


Stewed horse meat.

Vegetables roasted in a special oven.

Grilled horse meat. It is tender and so juicy.

(photo from the restaurant’s Facebook page)

Roast Horse (ローストホース)
Members-only restaurant
Somewhere in Hiroo, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan

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