Value sushi restaurant in a serious fish market only for professional buyers

Tsukiji Market is too much crowded. I recommend to visit Ota Market, which is located 7km south of Shinagawa station. See the below access map. The location is seriously inconvenient.

The easiest access to the market is to take Keikyu Train, drop off at Heiwajima-Sta(平和島), and take a taxi. Or you can take a bus from Shinagawa station directly to the market. The bus stop name is North Gate of the Market(北門).


This market is for serious fish and vegetables buyers. There are no tourists.

If you wish to see the serious wholesale market and don’t mind to spend time to access to the inconvenient place, I can recommend this market.

Yutaka Sushi(ゆたか鮨) is located in the restaurant building inside the market. Originally this restaurant has served sushi for market workers and buyers. However, the restaurant can welcome the visitors.

The restaurant serves sushi course at JPY3,700 with 12 pieces of sushi and soup. I ordered additional 4 pieces. The total bill was JPY6,500 per person. It is amazing.


Though the mood and style of the place are not so sophisticated, the fish itself was really fresh and good quality. I think it is worth paying JPY6,500.


Cucumber roll, as called Kappa(カッパ), is Yutaka’s specialty. Elaborately slices cucumber are rolled together with sesame, wasabi, and salt. The dish refreshes your mouth. This is a “must-eat” item.

The outside of the restaurant looks like a serious logistics centre. Nobody imagines there is such a good sushi restaurant inside…

Yutaka Sushi (ゆたか鮨)
3-2-7, Tokai, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Closed on Sunday

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