Clear soup “oden” restaurant with a long queue

Okame (おかめ) is an “oden” restaurant in a residential area nearby Shibuya. This blog introduced another “oden” restaurant before. However, this restaurant has a different taste from that one.


There is a queue of 10-20 minutes long before the opening time at 17:00 in spite of its inconvenient location. I visited there in a rainy day and expected no queue but my expectation was let down. This restaurant does not accept reservations, so you would need to visit there by the opening time in order to secure your seat in the first round.

Though it is an oden restaurant, Okame has a good izakaya like menu. After enjoying the izakaya menu, order a variety of oden cuisine. This restaurant’s oden soup is clear and with less soy sauce.

Oden menu
Soft roe of a cod
Sliced octopus and whelk(tsubugai/つぶ貝) on a skewer
Fibrous meat of beef and fish cakes
(from left) fish ball, taro, and bamboo shoot
Cabbage rolled minced meat
Tofu, buterburs, and radish
Rice with dashi soup topped with seaweed and wasabi

Total budge is around JPY7,000-8,000 per person including drinks and tax. Not so cheep for such an oden restaurant but the quality of the food is rather higher than that of a typical oden restaurant.

Okame (おかめ)
3-25-9, Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
17:00~23:00(L.O 22:30)
Closed on Wednesday

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