Japan’s original offal BBQ

For most of the western people, it may sound strange to eat beef and pork’s offal. However, it is very common in the eastern Asian food culture to eat the parts. In Japan, other than Korean style BBQ, there is an original category of beef and port offal BBQ. It is called horumon-yaki(ほるもん焼き).

In Minami-Aoyama, a fashionable district nearby Roppongi, there is a high quality horumon-yaki restaurant named Oyaji (おやじ).

In this restaurant, you can enjoy more than 20 parts of beef and pork. You will be requested to order all the dishes at once because the meet and offal will be served in the best order with which the guest can enjoy the difference of the taste.


Shibire(シビレ) is calf’s thymus, as called ris de veau in French. Very tender meat with clean fat.


Pork tongue (タン). The quality is average level. Too thin for me. You would not need to order this one unless you love tongue so much.


Kori-kori(コリコリ) is cow’s blood vessel. As the name expresses, it’s crunchy. It has a cruncky texture.


This restaurant’s liver(レバー) is really fresh and has rich taste. Even if you don’t like liver so much, I can recommend this one.


Normal meat is also served. This part of he beef is called harami(ハラミ) , the outside skirt of wagyu beef.


The specialty of this restaurant is horumon(ホルモン), which is the intestine of beef. The part has sweet fat and the texture is soft and chewy. You can choose miso sause or salt sauce. I strongly recommend miso sauce.

Total budget is JPY5,000-7,000 per person. I hope you will be enchanted with the fine horumon-yaki.

Oyaji (おやじ)
1-3-23, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Closed on Sunday and holidays

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