Typical Japanese Style Izakaya in Azabu Juban

If you visit Japan for the first time, I recommend to try an authentic izakaya(居酒屋) style restaurant. Izakaya is the most typical Japanese gastropub, the menu of which is full of Japanese food culture.

Koma(こま) is one of my favorite izakaya. Different from the extreme izakaya which I introduced before in this blog, this restaurant is more casual and the budget is more reasonable. There is no fixed course. You can enjoy a la carte menu together with fine Japanese sake, shochu, or beer.


The most of the menus are seasonal ones. Today’s specialty was fresh oysters. Fantastic marriage with the following Japanese sake.


Please try “gibasa(ぎばさ)”, sticky seaweed mixed with dashi and soy sauce.

“Tataki(たたき)”, Japanese style tariata, of outside skirt of Wagyu beef and “mostu-nikomi(もつ煮込み)”, stewed beef guts, are the special menu only on Wednesday.

This restaurant has a good purchasing route of fine Japanese sake. The following sakes are not easy to buy in a liquor shop. Each sake is sold at JPY700-900 per grass.

Last but not least, this restaurant has tables only on tatami mats. If you don’t mind to sit on the floor, folding your legs, you would be able to have a nice food experience.

1-5-10, Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Closed on Sunday

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