French Cuisine Live by a Young Michelin Star Chef

Florilege in Minami Aoyama earns Michelin Guide’s one star and is one of the busiest French restaurants in Tokyo.

Before starting his own restaurant here, Mr. Hiroyasu Kawate, the owner chef, experienced to work in Le Bourguignon in Roppongi and Quintessence in Shinagawa, both of which are prestigious French restaurants in Tokyo.

The young chef Kawate creates his original French cuisine in the restaurant. The course is JPY12,000 ++. I recommend to order wine pairing together.

This French restaurant has a stylish interior with a squared counter table which surrounds an opened kitchen. The guests can enjoy the chef and his staff’s creative works up close.

The course consists of 11 dishes. The first dish was mushed sweat potato served with smoked tea leaves. Such a presentation is enjoyable.


Bavarian cream and dried mullet roe.


Grilled bamboo shoot topped with squid sashimi and its ink sauce based pasta. This is not a typical French cuisine, but is a creative and delicious dish.

Franc topped with grilled shiitake mush room, a kind of Japanese original mushroom, and sliced truffle. Shiitake mushroom soup is poured on the dish. This is full of the taste of “Umami”, a typical Japanese taste.

This dish is named “Sustainability”. This beef is the meat of an old delivered cow of more than 15 years old. The chef has an ambition to achieve a sustainable society through his works. You will be surprised with the unexpectedly tender meet.

Fried oyster topped with seaweed. The yellow pieces are lemon sauce which is refrigerated by liquefied nitrogen.


Lightly sautéed tilefish topped with rape blossoms.

The concept of this dish is “to share”. The whole grilled duck is cut in slices and shared among the guests on the table.

This restaurant’s sommelier has a good sense to select wines. He even uses Japanese sake as well.


2-5-4, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
12:00~13:30 (L.O.)
18:30~20:00 (L.O.)
Closed on Wednesday

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