Mountain of Foie Gras from Deep Sea

Anglerfish is a deep sea fish. Despite its grotesque looks, its meat is very soft and tasty. This fish was treated as one of the five great foodstuff in Japan in Edo era, about 400 years ago. Its liver has a super rich taste like foie gras.


Hoteisan(ほていさん) in Tsukishima is one of the most popular anglerfish restaurant in Tokyo. It serves Anglerfish in hot pot style. In the hot pot, a mass of anglerfish liver, as called “ankimo”, is piled like a mountain on top of the stuffed anglerfish meat, vegetables, tofu, and etc. in a cray pot.

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The anglerfish liver paste is already cooked, so you can first try tasting it before the hot pot is put on the fire. The liver paste is very delicious.

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After the hot pot gets boiled, the staff stir it and mix the paste with the soup. Then, the soup is served to your bowl. You will be surprised with the super rich and dense taste of the soup. This is the foie gras from deep sea!

Anglerfish body has nothing to waste. You can enjoy all the parts of the anglerfish meat, skin, and guts with the rich soup.

Sashimi (photo from Tabelog)
The course starts with two small starters and a big plate of fresh sashimi. Be careful, the main dish of the hot pot has a large portion. Do not fill your stomach only with sashimi.

This hot pot course is served at JPY7,000. (though it used to be only JPY5,000…)

It is worthwhile trying once!

3-9-7, Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Mon-Fri 18:00~23:15
Sat, holidays 17:00〜21:15
Closed on Sunday


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