Awesome Sushi “Osamu” in Fukuoka

Sushi Osamu (鮨おさむ) is a sushi restaurant which attracts many foreign guests despite its inconvenient location in the outskirt of Fukuoka city. Though the sushi is delicious of course, the chef’s friendly personality is also one reason. This fine sushi restaurant earned a bronze medal in The Tabelog Award 2017.


Sushi Osamu‘s sushi is served in a course menu which consists of 5-6 appetisers and 10-11 pieces of sushi. The appetisers are really nice.

Osamu serves very fresh pufferfish soft roe. He grills it by charcoal. Be careful, it is really hot.


I know this meat is a controversial one – whale. Actually it is prohibited in Japan to hunt whales for business, but research whaling is allowed. The whale meat obtained by the research is dealt in fish markets. This restaurant has a good connection with a special wholesaler of the meat. I was surprised with the high quality whale meat.

A Korean guest was seated next to me and she was embarrassed with this foodstuff at first.  However she enjoyed the meat in the end.

Chef uses only the local fish which he procures from Fukuoka local fish market. And he uses special rice, which is developed only for sushi.

Total budget was ¥18,000 per person including nice Japanese sake. On the day, there were three foreign guests from Korea, Canada, and China. They enjoyed Osamu’s awesome sushi course.

The small sushi restaurant has only 8sheets. So you must make a reservation in advance, and its reservation time slots are fixed as 18:00 or 20:30 starting.

Sushi Osamu (鮨おさむ)
5-16-10, Nagazumi, Minami-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka pref., Japan
First round 18:00~
Second round 20:30~
Closed on Wednesday



2 thoughts on “Awesome Sushi “Osamu” in Fukuoka

  1. Hello, I’m ‘that’ Korean guest who sat next to you! I’m going to Tokyo this April, so I thought of this blog to explore the Japanese gourmet that tourists/foreigners don’t usually know of. I’m really happy to find this post (and be mentioned!) I’ll visit your blog whenever I come to Japan 🙂 日本(の中で特別に東京が!)美味しいものの天国なのでいつもドキドキするです!

    1. Thank you for your comment and glad to hear that you found this article! I hope you can enjoy your next gourmet trip to Japan!

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