The Hole-In-The-Wall Sushi Restaurant in Minami Azabu

(photo from Tabelog)

Sushi Wasabi(鮨わさび) is a small sushi restaurant in Minami Azabu. It is difficult to find the restaurant from the street because it tenants in the second floor of an ordinary apartment. Coming upstairs, you could find the entrance of the hole-in-the-wall restaurant. It serves authentic sushi and fine Japanese sake with reasonable prices.

(photo from Tabelog)

The budget of this restaurant is in the middle range of the authentic sushi restaurants. It serves sushi course of 6 or 7 appetisers, 11 pieces of sushi, and miso soup, at ¥12,000 + tax. Including some grasses of sake, the total budget would not exceed ¥20,000. Last time I visited there, my bill was only ¥16,000 with which I was fully satisfied.

(photo from Tabelog)

Chef of this restaurant is a young and polite person, while some famous sushi chefs are sometimes difficult and unapproachable to the first visitors. The guests can relax in this place.

(photo from Tabelog)

This sushi restaurant is not yet well known among tourists, so it is relatively easy to make a reservation, compared with other popular sushi restaurants in Tokyo. If you are a beginner of sushi, this restaurant could be one of the best options in terms of the budget and the availability of the tables.

Sushi Wasabi(鮨わさび)
2-2-3, Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Closed on Sunday and holidays


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