Interesting Japanese wine world

Recently, Japanese wine’s quality has improved a lot. Some wines won prizes in international wine competitions. This wine bar, San-sun(おいしい日本のワイン三sun), is specialized for fine Japanese wines.

(photo from Facebook)

The wine bar provides well-selected Japanese wine by the grass; 3 kinds of red wine, 3 white wine,  sparkling wine, and today’s special wine. In the weekend, rosè wine is added to the list. The price ranges from JPY700 to JPY1,000.

(photo from Facebook)

The wines this bar selects are made by producers with whom the owner of this bar actually met. The owner thinks it is important to understand the producer’s spirits of the wine and wishes to deliver it to wine lovers in Tokyo.

(photo from Tabelog)

Japanese wine has characteristics different from those of the old world. It does not has a strong flavor or body, but for example Kosyu(甲州), the original grape of Japan, has a delicate taste and fits Japanese cuisine such as sushi or sashimi.

If you are interested in Japanese wines, I recommend to visit Katsunuma(勝沼) in Yamanashi prefecture which is the biggest wine production area in Japan.

1-2-1, Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Closed on Sunday and 1st&3rd Monday


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