Fine fresh fruits cocktails in a sophisticated bar

BAR NAKAGAWA, a small cocktail bar is located in a residential place in Yoyogiuehara(代々木上原) where is accesible from Harajuku by Chiyoda line or from Shinjuku by Odakyu line.

(photo from Facebook)

The bar has 7 sheets on its counter table and a box sheet. The interior is stylish and sophisticated. The curved interior structuture is equipped with its well-selected northern European furniture. The mood is very calm and cozy. The interior and exterior design is produced by a designer Tomomichi Netsume.

(photo from Facebook)

The master bartender, Mr.Nakagawa, is good at making fresh fruits cocktails. “I use only the fruits, cocktails of which become more tasty than the fruits as they are”, he says. His fruits cocktail is really amazing. Please try it.

The budget is the standard level of authentic cocktail bars. JPY1,000 ~2,000 per grass.

3-25-5, Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Closed on 1st Monday


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