The brand new Japanese kaiseki in Nihonbashi

Nihinbashi Sakuma (日本ばし さく間) is a brand new Japanese kaiseki restaurant in Nihonbashi(日本橋), just opened in May 2016. The young chef produces authentic kaiseki cuisines.

The course menu is JPY8,000 with 7 dishes in the style of traditional Japanese kaiseki.

An assorted selection of appetizers is served first.

You would be impressed by the fresh sashimi. Especially the squid sashimi is outstanding. This golden cattlefish, named sumiika in Japanese, is called the king of squid.

Japanese style steamed omelet with oyster topped with lily bulbs and ginger.

Grilled managatsuo has really rich taste. This cuisine is called saikyo-yaki, meaning a fish pickled in a sweet kyoto style sweet miso. By the process of the pickling, the taste of fish is enriched. The appearance of Managatsuo, a fish much-prized especially in western Japan, is ugly, but the taste is awesome.


Steamed octopus with Japanese taro. The small kind of octopus is a popular fish in Japan.


Elaborately grilled duck served with white onions, wild rockets, wasabi, and seaweed flavored salt.


The course ends up with the cray pot steamed rice with a clear soup in a cup. Today’s cray pot rice was Japanese style chicken rice, seasoned with soy source.

The quality of the meals is beyond the average, while the budget is in the middle range. Today’s bill was JPY11,500 with the course menu and three glasses of beer and sake.


Nihonbashi Sakuma(日本ばし さく間)
2-14-11, Nihonbashi-kakigaracho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Closed on Wednesday


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