The authentic Japanese restaurant in Ginza only for JPY2,000.

If you wish to try an authentic Japanese restaurant in Ginza, you would need to pay at least JPY15,000 up to JPY30,000 on average. Today, I tell you how to try such an expensive authentic Japanese restaurant in Ginza only for JPY2,000. Repeat, it is only JPY2,000, not JPY20,000.

The answer is lunch. For example, Shibahama(芝濱), an authentic kappou style Japanese restaurant serves its lunch course only for JPY1,800, while the dinner course is for approximately JPY20,000. The lunch course consists of 4 dishes of sea bream, as called Tai(鯛) in Japanese: sashimi, soup, grill, and rice meal.

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You can add a chawanmushi(茶碗蒸し) for JPY200 – chawanmushi is a steamed egg custard in a cup. I strongly recommend to add it!


The chawanmushi is very smooth and creamy. You can feel the rich taste of the high quality egg and the soup stock of sea bream.

This restaurant uses high quality sea bream caught in Awajishima(淡路島) where is the habitat of good taste sea bream.


This soup is made from the bony parts of sea bream. The good taste of borne and skin is extracted very well.


Charcoal grilled sea bream fillet is very tender and sweet. The seasoning is only salt. Very simple, but the best way to taste the high quality fish.


In the end of the lunch course, this restaurant’s special meal is served: steamed rice topped with tempura of sea bream, served with the soup stock of sea bream.


Sashimi of sea bream is made into a tempura and thereafter grilled lightly, so that the tempura gets a savory flavor. First, you have a bite of it as it is. Then, pour the soup stock of sea bream into it and spoon it. It is very tasty.


I’m sure you would be satisfied with such an authentic Japanese lunch course only for JPY2,000. Please try.

Shibahama (芝濱)
8-12-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
11:30~14:00(L.O)13:30 (lunch closed on Saturday)
Closed on Sunday


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