Nice yakitori with fine wines in a renovated Japanese wooden house

Yakitori, skewers of barbecued chicken, is a popular Japanese food. Hakkaku(ハッカク) in Tsukishima serves delicious yakitori with fine wines.

The exterior of the restaurant looks very classical. It uses a renovated Japanese wooden house like a fashionable bar in Shirokane.

From left, leg meat(momo/もも), leg meat with onion(negima/ねぎま), and chicken tender(sasami/ささみ) with wasabi

This restaurant’s wine list can satisfy wine lovers. More than 30 wines are listed and the price ranges from JPY2,800 to JPY12,000. I think the pricing is very reasonable; for example, Cloudy Bay’s sauvignon blanc is priced at JPY6,200.

From left, gizzard edge(gingawa/銀皮), tail meat(bonjiri/ぼんじり), gizzard(sunagimo/砂肝), and chicken wings(tegasaki/手羽先)

Yakitori menu pricing is also reasonable. It ranges from JPY250 to JPY500 per piece. Normal adult would be full with 6-10 pieces of yakitori.

Oyakodon(親子丼) – chicken and egg rice bowl with sweet soy sauce 

Don’t forget to order oyakodon in the end of your dinner, which is a rice bowl topped with chicken and egg. Scoop up the mixed oyakodon and enjoy the rich taste.
Total budget is JPY7,000~9,000.

If you would like to go for the 2nd place, I recommend a sake standing bar nearby this restaurant, Tsunematsu Hisazo Shoten (つねまつ久蔵商店). Try nice Japanese sake there.

Hakkaku (ハッカク)
3-9-3 Tsukishima, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan


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