The legendary sake sales person’s sake standing bar

Hakutaka(白鷹) is one of the most famous Japanese sake brand. On 6th February 2017, a legendary sales person of Hakutaka, Mr. Jiro Tsunematsu, started his own standing sake bar, Tsunematsu Hisazo Shoten(つねまつ久蔵商店), in Tsukishima(月島), Tokyo.

Oweing to his legendary sales record, Mr. Jiro Tsunematsu earned the nickname “Hakushika-Jiro” in the Japanese sake industry. After making such a legend, he decided to start a standing sake bar named after himself.

This bar selects the local sake from Shimane(島根) prefecture which is Hakushika-Jiro‘s hometown and is well known as a nice sake production area.

This bar’s facade is very sophisticated and clean. The name plate on the wall states that “this bar has a local sake meister”.

The price of sake ranges from JPY380 to JPY580 per 90ml – it is really reasonable pricing. If you order the same one in Ginza for example, you would need to pay more than double. Please try the different types of sake.

The standing bar is crowded with sake lovers. My Australian friend also likes the place.

The old town, Tsukishima, is famous for monja-yaki, which is a popular junk food containing a variety of ingredients mixed with tasty okonomiyaki sauce. I recommend to try monjayaki first and then try nice sake here.

Tsunematsu Hisazo Shoten (つねまつ久蔵商店)
1-6-12, Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Mon-Fri 17:00~24:00
Sat, Sun, and holidays 15:00~24:00


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