Crab meat croquette bomb in Shimbashi

Shimbashi is called the sanctuary of Japanese businessmen, as derided as “salary men”. The Japanese kappou restaurant, Nitaka(二貴), serves its special Japanese cuisine to its fans. The specialties are cray pot steamed rice with sea bream and crab meat croquette.

Nitaka’s crab meat croquette is stuffed with a lot of gorgeous crab meat. Right after you cut the brown fried stuff, the crab meat and the béchamel sauce will be exploded in your mouth. The crust is really crispy and light. The inside is really creamy and juicy. It is also possible to take it away for the souvenir to your family; it costs JPY2,000 for the croquette for the take-away.

This restaurant’s sea bream cray pot rice is as nice as the dish of Adan in Sengakuji. Sea bream is called the king of fish in Japan. On the occasion to celebrate the auspicious event, Japanese people have the fish; sometimes grilled, fried, and steamed one. Make sure to order the dish 30-60 mins before you want to eat it.

Sea bream cray pot rice (photo from Tabelog)

In addition, I recommend to order steamed green onion with Japanese meat ball. After you enjoy the nice collaboration of the green onion and minced pork, make sure to order udon noodle. The udon noodle absorbs the tasteful soup into its body, so that you can completely enjoy all the flavor and the taste of the dish.

Total budget is JPY6,000-8,000.

Nitaka (二貴)
2-11-8, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Mon-Fri 11:15~13:15, 17:00~23:30
Sat 17:00~22:00
Closed on Sunday


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