Oden restaurant in former Geisha place

Maruyama-cho, a district of Shibuya, used to be well known as a Geisha place long time ago. The Oden restaurant, Hi-de(ひで), has been there since 1976 and uses the former Geisha house.

The former Geisha house (photo from Hi-de)

Oden is traditional Japanese cuisine. A variety of foodstuffs such as Japanese radish, boiled eggs, tofu, and fish cakes are simmered in dashi soup, Japanese soup stock full of umami taste.

A variety of foodstuff simmered in dashi soup (photo from Hi-de)
Ganmodoki (photo from Hi-de)

Hi-de‘s oden is traditional Kyoto style. The difference of oden comes from its dashi. Kyoto style dashi’s taste is very light and delicate – the colour of the soup is light yellow. Tokyo style has stronger taste and darker colour – it uses more soy source than Kyoto style.

The oden course menu ranges from JPY6,000 to JPY8,000. I recommend hot Japanese sake for oden.

Furthermore, upon the customer’s request, this restaurant can organise Geisha party. You can try traditional Geisha game.

The budget for Geisha party is JPY20,000 per person for 18:00~21:00. And it is required to check with the restaurant and make the appointment in advance. Check it up in the website. 

Hi-de (ひで)
15-5, Maruyama-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Mon-Fri 17:00~23:00(L.O.22:30)
Sat 17:00~22:00(L.O.21:30)
Closed on Sunday and holidays

[googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d51874.28259250226!2d139.715947039055!3d35.648856614816644!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x60188caa7a679bab%3A0x360e8661e5707c15!2z44Gy44Gn!5e0!3m2!1sja!2sjp!4v1486272379244&w=400&h=300]

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