The best Sicilian restaurant in Tokyo

The Sicilian restaurant, Rozzo Sicilia stands on the entrance of the shopping street in Shirogane. The chef and garcon of this restaurant used to work together for the most famous Sicilian restaurant in Tokyo, Trattoria Siciliana Don Ciccio. I believe this is the best Sicilian restaurant in Tokyo.

Rozzo Sicilia maintains the taste of Don Ciccio and obtains its own appealing point.

First thing to eat in Rozzo Sicilia (photo from Tabelog)

Before read through the menu, order Panelle, flit of garbanzo beans paste. The very light fried snack well known in Palermo, Sicilia is a good partner of beer or sparkling wine. Having the snack, decide today’s order.

Eggplant caponata (photo from Tabelog)

Rozzo Sicilia’s must-eat starter is eggplant caponata – stewed eggplant with chopped onion, caper, and olives with red wine vinegar.

Rozzo Sicilia’s specialty pasta (photo from Tabelog)

This restaurant’s special pasta is spaghetti with sardine and fennel topped with bottarga powder. You will be surprised by the combination of sardine’s strong taste and fennel’s spicy flavor.

The friendly staff can help you choose the best wine for your dishes. The price of wines ranges from JPY4,000 to JPY10,000.

The total budget is JPY8,000~10,000.

Rozzo Sicilia
1-1-12, Shirogane, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan
18:00~ (L.O 23:00)
Closed on Monday, Sunday, and holidays


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