Seriously spicy Sichuan cuisine

If you are addicted to hot and spicy foods, Sichuan Dining Bou-shoku-ro(四川DINING 望蜀瀘) is one of the best options. The restaurant is very casual Sichuan style Chinese restaurant run by main land Chinese people. It attracts a lot of gourmets by its authentic Sichuan cuisine.

Chicken in spicy source (photo from Tabelog)

Be careful. It is seriously hot and spicy. However, it is really delicious. The restaurant is proud of its homemade sources such as incense source, Sichuan pepper source, flavored oil, and peanuts source. The variety of these sources and spices give the dish rich taste and flavor.

Sliced pork in spicy source (photo from Tabelog)

As you can see, most of the dishes are red…

Mabo tofu – tofu in Sichuan style spicy source (Tabelog)

The staff is very friendly and kind. You can feel Chinese style hospitality here in Japan.

JPY5,000 will be enough to enjoy many kind of dishes and drinks. The restaurant has a course menu starting from JPY2,500.

Sichuan Dining Bou-shoku-ro(四川DINING 望蜀瀘)
2nd Floor, 4-2-5, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
11:00~14:30 (Only weekday)
Open everyday (!)



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