Melting tuna sushi followed by fine orange juice

Sushi Rinda is located in Fudomae nearby Meguro in Tokyo. The restaurant is named after the chef’s daughter’s name which is named after the chef’s favorite Japanese song, “Rinda Rinda” by The Blue Hearts, a famous Japanese punk rock band.

The young chef, Mr. Yuta Kono, 33 years old, used to work in Tokyo and New York as sushi cook. After returning to Tokyo, he started this restaurant in October 2014.

One of his specialty is rice. He steams rice in a special high temperature furnace in a short time, so that the steamed rice obtains plump touch.

Another specialty is tuna. He purchases the tuna from Yamayuki(やま幸) one of the best wholesalers in Tsukiji fish market. Before  making the sushi, he elaborately remove the tuna’s sinew. By doing so, he makes the tuna sushi melt in your mouth.

He was born in Ehime prefecture which is well known as a Japanese orange producing area. He serves a grass of Japanese orange juice in the last of his sushi course. It refreshes your mouth.

The total budget, including grasses of fine sake, is approximately JPY15,000 ~ 20,000.

Sushi Rinda (鮨りんだ)
2-24-12, Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Closed on Sunday and 3rd Monday


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