Bakery opening 365 days a year

The bakery stands on the backstreet in Tomigaya, Shibuya. As committed in its name, 365 nichi(365日), meaning 365 days in Japanese,  the bakery opens 365 days a year – it actually closed on 29th February in 2016, a bissextile year.

365 days pain de mie (365日食パン)
The owner chef, Akimasa Sugikubo started his career as a confectioner and moved to Paris, France to work at Jamin, a one-star restaurant, and Petrossian, a two-star restaurant. 11 years after returning to Japan, he started his own bakery 365 nichi (365日).

(Photo from ultrakitchen)

Mr. Sugikubo features Japanese domestic foodstuffs and produces savory breads.

Perfect combination with The Toaster by BALMUDA
The bakery has several kinds of pain de mie. I recommend “365 days pain de mie (365日食パン)”, made from Japan made flour and butter. The standard pain de mie has nice flavor rich taste of domestic flour. If you prefers sweeter one, please try “Hokkaido pain de mie(北海道食パン)”, which consists of Hokkaido made milk.

Small sized pain de mie
In the meantime, I recommend The Toaster by BALMUDA, a Japanese electronics start-up company. This toaster will make your pain de mie to a wonderful toast by its humidifying function. The experience deserves to he price ¥22,900.

This bakery has eat-in space with a counter and high chairs. It is also nice to have a grass of wine with 365’s nice breads in the evening.

365 nichi (365日)
1-6-12, Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
7:00 – 19:00


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