The extreme “Izakaya” in Roppongi

Izakaya is a typical Japanese style tavern – it is a budget-pleasing place for the ordinary Japanese. The exterior of the extreme Izakaya, Isagoya(いさご家), looks like the ordinary Izakaya. However, its cuisine is totally different from the ordinary ones’.
Isagoya is located on the backstreet in Roppongi. The restaurant has delighted its guest with its highly-selected foodstuff. This restaurant’s menu looks nothing out of the ordinary; sashimi, tempura, grill, and hot pot. However this restaurant uses only the first class fish and vegetables.

(photo from Tabelog)

Japan has four seasons, and in each season there is different seasonal foodstuff. Isagoya secures the season’s best stuff.

(photo from Tabelog)

“Usually the direct material cost of restaurants is 30-33%. However, ours is more than 40%” say the owner chef. Actually, its bill is more than twice or triple as much as the ordinary Izakaya – last time I paid JPY15,000 per person, but I think the excellent cuisine deserves the bill – the bill does not means that this restaurant is a prestigious place but means that it serves extremely high quality foodstuff with a small margin. This is why I call the place the extreme Izakaya.

3-13-3, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

[Mon-Sat] 17:00~27:00(L.O.26:30)
[Sat and holidays] 17:00~23:30(L.O.23:00)
Closed on Sunday

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