Special raw fish flying from Kyusyu

Kyusyu island is a southern part of Japan, famous for its abundon fishery. Akasaka Yukun(赤坂有薫) serves very fresh Kyusyu style seafood cuisine in Akasaka, Tokyo.

This restaurant procures its fish directly from Kyusyu, while the ordinary seafood restaurants or sushi restaurants go to Tsukiji fish market which is the biggest and central fish market in Japan. By doing so, the restaurant can secure the rare and fresh local seafood stuff.

I strongly recomend to try “Goma saba(ごま鯖)”, sashimi of chub mackerel with sweet soysource and several seasonings. It is very precious to eat Goma saba in Tokyo. The raw dish is super fresh and full of the delicious taste of the fish.

Chub mackerel(鯖) (photo by M)
Usually it is better to refrain from eating raw chub mackerel because chub mackerel often carries a parasite which causes severe abdominal pain if introduced into human body. This is why this fish is served in marinade style in sushi restaurant, called “Shime-saba(しめ鯖)”. By the marinade process, the fish is pasteurized.

However, chub mackerel caught in Kyusyu is the exception. In the body of chub mackerel, there is no parasite. By the direct purchase from the fish market in Kyusyu, Yukun can ensure the safe Goma saba though it is located in Tokyo.

This place is a very casual Izakaya. I reccomend to visit there with your close friends or family to enjoy the delicious Kyusyu seafood in Tokyo. The total bill will be approximately JPY8,000-10,000.

Akasaka Yukun (赤坂有薫)
Tokyu plaza Akasaka 3rd floor, 2-14-3, Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 
[Sat, Sun, and holidays]

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