Master of the grill – the best Yakitori in Tokyo

Tokoshima (床島) is one of my most favorite Yakitori restaurants. Yakitori is Japanese style grilled chicken on a skewer.
What makes the difference in Yakitori restaurants? Quality of the chicken? The technique of the grill, I think.

It may seems to be very simple and easy to make Yakitori. However the cuisine requires well trained artisan skills. Tokoshima serves its Yakitori in a perfect condition.

Chicken wing grilled crispy (photo from Tabelog)

The excellent technique makes the chicken breast very lare and the skin very crispy. Heated oak charcoal throws far-infrared rays by which the master of Yakitori turns a piece of chicken meat into a perfect condition Yakitori.

Very fresh chicken heart (photo from Tabelog)
Tokoshima’s cut is a bit bigger than usual Yakitori restaurant. So I think 5 or 6 pieces of them are enough if you have 1 or 2 appetizers before Yakitori. This place has “Omakase”, meaning chef’s special, of 5 or 7 pieces. Then the master will serves a variety of the parts of the chicken not only the meat but also its guts. If you don’t like guts, tell them so: “Naizou nashi de onegai shimasu 内臓なしでお願いします(No guts, please)”.

Menu of Japanese sake with the matrix to explain the taste and flavor (photo from Tabelog)
With nice Yakitori, please try beautiful Japanese sake. This place has more than 30 kinds of sake.

Very cool interior and exterior (photo from IDE@)
The total bill will be approximately JPY6,000 per person.

Tokoshima (床島)
2-8-10, Sangen-chaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Closed on Sunday and 1st Monday

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