The best 2 Singapore chicken rice in Tokyo 

Called Hainan jee fan(海南鶏飯), Singapore chicken rice has become popular in recent years in Japan. If you wish to have the most authentic one in Tokyo, I recommend the following places: Hainan Jee Fan Shokudo(海南鶏飯食堂) in Roppongi or Song Kee Jee Fan(松記鶏飯) in Awaji-cho, nearby Kanda.

The owners of both restaurants are very earger to duplicate the authentic Singapore chicken rice. They often visit Singapore to study the taste of the home ground of the cuisine.

Hainan Jee Fan Shokudo on the backstreet in Roppongi (photo from

The most important element of this dish is the tenderness of the checkin meat. You would be surprised how tender their chickens are. Their checkens are elaborately well cooked. I once visited Singapore often and ate the dish many times. Even if I compare the quality of them, I can guarantee that these Japanese owned Singapore restaurants can compete with the well known Chicken rice restaurants in Singapore such as Chatter Box in Mandarin Orchard hotel in Singapore.

The oriental interior of Song Kee Jee Fan (photo from

With astuteness, they prepare the important supporting cast of this dish: Chinese sweet soysource, chili source, and ginger source.

The budget for them, JPY1,000 for lunch and JPY5,000 for dinner.

Hainan Jee Fan Shokudo(海南鶏飯食堂) 
6-11-16, Roppongi, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan
[Sat, Sun, and holidays]

Song Kee Jee Fan(松記鶏飯)
2-15-1, Kanda-Tsukasacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Closed on Sunday and holidays

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