Delicious Okinawa fusion cuisine in Tokyo

To be frank, Okinawa cuisine is less attractive to me, compared with other Japanese foods. However, Adan (アダン) is an exception in that its Okinawa cuisine is not an ordinary one and is very tasty. The menu is inspired by traditional Okinawa cuisine and creates a new taste.The restaurant is located in a quiet residential area near by Shinagawa station and has a cool facade with architectural concrete. The interior does not look like an ordinary Okinawa restaurant but looks like a modern oriental restaurant.

Modern interior (photo from Tabelog)


It was originally located in other place and was famous for its tasty Okinawa cuisine for many years. In 2016 the restaurant moved to the new place.

Modern interior (photo from Tabelog)

Must-eat dishes are boiled octopus(say “yu-de-dako(茹でダコ)”) and seasoned rice cooked with grilled sea bream (say “Tai-meshi(鯛めし)”).

Boiled octopus (photo from Tabelog)

The octopus comes from Akashi(明石) where is know as the best fishery of octopus. You would be surprised by its dense Umami and soft meat.

Tai-Meshi (photo from Tabelog)

“Tai-meshi” means steamed rice in a cray pot, cooked with a grilled sea bream. Sea bream is one of the most popular fish in Japan. I recommend to order the dish as the last one in the dinner.

Tai-Meshi (photo from Tabelog)

Total bill would be around JPY7,000 per person including drinks. Enjoy the fancy Okinawa cuisine.

Adan (アダン)
2-12-54, Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Closed on Sunday

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