Amazing ageing beef

If you have already experienced the typical Teppanyaki in Japan, its worth trying the ageing Wagyu beef. Nakasei(中勢以) is a butcher specilized to aging Wagyu beef and opens its own restaurant, as named Nakasei Uchimise(中勢以 内店) in a residential area in Tokyo.

Simple and modern interior (photo from Tabelog)
If it comes to Wagyu beef, you might imagin fatty meet. However, I strongly recommend rather lean beef in this restaurant. After the decent ageing in the special refrigerator, the lean meet becomes tender and full of amino acids which deliver Umami to our taste buds. To taste the Umami of the aging beef, excess fat is hamper.
The followings are my favorite parts of the beef. Please try the aging Wagyu beef world.
Sirloin butt (photo from Tabelog)
Sirloin butt(say “Rump(ランプ)”
A part of butt. Very clean lean meat. So tender.


Top blade (photo from Tabelog)


Top blade(say “Misuji(ミスジ)”)
A part of inside the shoulder borne. Available only 2kg per one cow.
Top blade (photo from Tabelog)
Guests can choose a la carte or course menu. The course menu is JPY10,000. My reccomendation is to have 1 or 2 dishes of appetizers and order several kinds of the meet to share within the group. The bill would be JPY15,000 per person, which is much more reasonable than the typical Teppanyaki restaurants in Japan.

Nakasei Uchimise (中勢以 内店)
5−10−18, Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Closed on Monday

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