Secret place you could never reach via Trip Advisor

Shushi Garance(酒肆ガランス) is a fashioned and mysterious restaurant in Shirokane, Tokyo, opened in January 2015.

Square counter table surrounding the opened kitchen (photo from GQ Japan)

The square counter table surrounds the opened kitchen. You can see the chef and cooks working.

Owner, Mr. Tetsuya Hoshino (photo from

Mr. Tetsuya Hoshino, the owner of this fashionable restaurant, occasionally contributes food columns to a Japanese fashion magazine “GQ”. The charismatic tall man attracts fashion-conscious people, novelists, or movie makers every night.

For the frequent guests, this place is something special. That is why this restaurant is not famous or featured so much despite the sophisticated atmosphere and tasty foods. The guests want to make this place as their secret place – I’m also one of them who wish to keep the place reserved…! You could never reach the place via Trip Advisor.






This restaurant does not stick to any specific country’s cuisine. It’s a la carte menu ranges from classic French dishes such as tartar stake to hamburg stake, south Indian curry or Katsu-don, very typical Japanese rice ball with pork cutlet. It might sounds non-decorum, but as a matter of fact each dish is elaborately well cooked and these variety of dishes mesmerize the guests.

Chalkboard menu (photo from Tabelog)

You can find “today’s menu” on the small chalkboard, and the grand menu has more than 30 a la carte dishes.

Stake tartar (photo from GQ Japan)

I love this horse meat tartar(say “baniku-no-taru-taru”, 馬肉のタルタル). Chef will explain the recipe if you ask him. The chef Minoru Yonaha’s background is French. I like his taste.

Edible ants… (photo from Instagram)

Edible ants with white grissini(say”Ari-to-grissini”, 蟻とグリッシーニ). I’ve yet to try this one…

Ma-bo-men noodle(photo from Tabelog)

My another favorite menu in this place is Ma-bo-men noodle(say “ma-bo-men”, 麻婆麺) with heaping fresh coriander. Sichuan style meat source is mixed with chef’s special noodle which he buy from a small noodle shop in Okayama prefecture. Once you finish two thirds of the noodle, chef proposes to put steamed rice on it and mix them up. Please try it. Very tasty!

Reasonable pricing of drinks is also the appeal of this restaurant. The wine menu ranges from JPY3,500 up to JPY8,000; the median is JPY4,800. Usually the total bill per person is around JPY9,000. Or you can use this fashonable restaurant as a second place, ordering some grass of drinks and snacks such as french fries flavored with truffle salt. Then the bill would be JPY3,000-4,000. This restaurant accepts such style guests as well. Very flexible!

The owner stands in the kichen until 22:00. And then he moves to his own bar where he makes cocktails as a master bartender. The place of the bar is not disclosed publicly. Ummm, full of mistery in this restaurant.

Shushi Garance
5-5-10, Shirokane, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Closed on Sunday

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