The rising star in the Tokyo Sushi scene

In the Tokyo Sushi scene, the new generation of Sushi chef is rising. Daiki Ishida, 33 years old,  is one of the rising stars. He opend his own Sushi restaurant, named “Shinpaku(心白)” in Hiroo, Tokyo, in December 2014. Only after two year later the opening, Shinpaku has become one of the difficult-to-book restaurants in Tokyo.

Mr. Daiki Ishida – Itamae(Chef) of “Shinpaku” (photo by “M”)
Mr. Ishida has a fabulous career as a Sushi chef; he worked in Aoyama Esaki (青山 えさき), Shiawase-Zanmai(幸せ三昧), and Agi(酒人あぎ) before he started his own Sushi restaurant. He is proud of his career of Japanese cook and it is why he put “Itamae(板前)” on the back side(English side) of his business name card which his guests would receive in the end of the course of the day.

Ikura(saumon row) and ground yam on sushi rice (photo by “M”)
Actually his Sushi menu is a kind of never ending Sushi tour. I entered his place at around 6 p.m. on some Saturday. It is surprising that I left the place around the midnight!

Marinade and grill of Japanese barracuda (photo by “M”)
Usually it is said that it is not a good manner to stay long in a authentic Sushi restaurant. Nevertheless Mr. Ishida keeps serving very nice appetisers before making his beautiful Sushi.

Steamed Ankou(sea devil, fish living in the deep sea) with Miso soup (photo by “M”)
He even serves an Ankou hot pot. This is not a typical Sushi restaurant style. He shows the ability to the fullest of making not only Sushi but also the traditional Japan cuisine, thanks to his career in the famous Japanese restaurant.

In this restaurant, you will be able to enjoy special Japanese Sake as well as the sophisticated cuisines. Last time I visited there, he presented two different type of the same brand of the Sake, as shown in the pictures above. Actually I was really surprised how different taste and flavour the same brand Sake has! I strongly recommend you to try these Sake made from the different rise or made with different yeast.

Kuruma Ebi shrimp (photo by “M”)
After 2 hours pasts I entered the place, finally he started to make the series of Sushi. I was almost drunken and full but felt very happy.

Today’s tuna from Tsukiji fish market (photo by “M”)
He told us “this is the last dish tonight. Are you full?”. “Of course…, but another piece of Sushi please!”, I asked.

“Monzetsu(悶絶) Maki” rolling fatty tuna, Takuan pickles, and seasonings (photo by “M”)
“Ummmm… normal tuna roll, cucumber roll, or “Monzetsu(悶絶)” roll with fatty tuna, chopped Natto, and Takuan pickles. Which would you like?” he asked. In a second, I responded with the word, “Monzetsu maki, please!!” at 24:30, midnnight of Saturday(or very early morning on the Sunday??).

For your information, Monzetsu(悶絶) means “faint in orgasm”.

Sushi Shinpaku(鮨 心白)
1F,Granduo Hiroo,2-37-8 Ebisu, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
18:00~ (L.O.23:00)
Closed on every Wednesday and the 2nd/4th Tuesday

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