The exceptional fusion restaurant in Japan

Fusion style restaurants are very likely to fail to deliver the simple daintiness of the dishes, focusing too much on the fancifulness of the techniques. However, Cave de Gamin et Hanaré in Shirokane, Tokyo is an exception.

Mr. Takemasa Kinoshita, owner chef of Cave de Gamin et Hanaré (photo by Cave de Gamin et Hanaré)
The owner chef Takemasa Kinoshita, born in 1972, started his career as a cook in France and Italy after he graduated Tsuji Culinary Institute, a famous French cooking school, with top honors. After returning to Japan, he joined AUX BACHANALES and moved to MAURESQUE, a French restaurant in Shiroganedai, as a Chef. 9 years after the days in MAURESQUE, he started his own restaurant, AU GAMIN DE TOKIO, in 2008. Now he is one of the most popular chefs in Tokyo and runs 6 restaurants.

Looks like an authentic Japanese restaurant (photo by Cave de Gamin et Hanaré)
In the basement of his first own retaurant, he opened in 2011 Cave de Gamin et Hanaré, a French-Japanese fusion restaurant. “Hanaré” means “annex” in Japanese. In this annex, he freely invents the new tastes inspired by the authentic French, using the rich Japanese foodstuff.

Ths course menu is very flexible. The menu consists of 8-10 dishes and you can change or add any dishes from the a la carte menu as you like. The menu ranges approximately from JPY8,000 to 10,000. Last time I visited, my bill was JPY16,000 per person including drinks.

For example, the a la carte menu is as follows.

Mousse of corn with sea urchin(とうもろこしのムースと生うに, JPY800) is Gamin’s specialty. It delivers very smooth texture and rich taste.

Fluffy souffle omelette with truffle (photo by Cave de Gamin et Hanaré)
As to wine, of course this restaurant has a long and fine wine list. Furthermore, you can bring your own bottle with only a JPY3,000 corkage. This is very useful service. “BYO”, bring-your-own, is not so much popular in Japan as in Australia. On the day, I brought one of my finest wine and the staff served the wine with very nice condition, using a decanter.

Wagyu hamburg stake (photo by Cave de Gamin et Hanaré)
This restaurant opens untill midnight, 3 a.m., and accepts both of course and a la carte menu. So in either way having a full course dinner or drinking a grass of fine wine with a la carte menu, you can enjoy the night in Shirokane, Tokyo.

Cave de Gamin et Hanaré
B1, 5-5-10, Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo
18:00-27:00 (L.O.26:00)
Closed on Sunday and national holidays


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