How to enjoy the prestigious Sichuan restaurant with half the bill

ZhaoYang, as called in Japanese “Choyo(趙楊)”, is one of the top Sichuan restaurants in Tokyo. The owner-chef, Mr. Zhao Yang once took the role of the chef in the State Guest House of Chengdu city, China. Today, I introduce the way to enjoy the taste of the prestigious restaurant at less than half the bill!

This restaurant wins a reputation of the best Sichuan restaurants in Tokyo. In the famous web-based gourmet guide “Tabelog“, this restaurant is ranked in the top 50 restaurants in Japan.
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However the problem is the bill. The restauran’s menu requires the guests minimum JPY30,000 and up to the maximum JPY300,000 per person. Repeat, max JPY300, 000! According to Tabelog, the average bill the guests paid was “over JPY30,000” – in the web site, no specific price range over JPY30,000.
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Now, we got a good news. The restaurant opened the branch, as named “Huo Kuo Zhao Yang(火鍋趙楊 )” which is specialized for “Huo Kuo(火鍋)”. Huo Kuo is Sichuan style hot pot. The hot pot is served with two different soup: milky white chicken soup and spicy chili soup. In the both soup, a variety of special Chinese spice are consisted and make the mouth watering smell.


Originally, this menu was served in ZhaoYang as a secret menu only for frequent customers. According to the restaurant staff, the soup is made in the original ZhaoYang and brought to the outpost shop everyday. Now, we can enjoy the secret menu in this place with a very reasonable bill!  The manu starts from JPY5,500 with only hot pot. Or you can chose JPY7,500 menu which includes 3 dishes of appetizers and hot pot. However I reccomend to order JPY5,500 one. I tried the menu of JPY5,500 and it made me totally full. So no need to oder the appetizers.
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Last but not least, make sure to bring your towel to the place. The red spicy soup is sooooo hot!

Huo Kuo ZhaoYang(Hinabe Choyo/ 火鍋趙楊 )
5-4-6, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Irregular holidays

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