Journey to the marriage of fine wine and traditional Kappo cuisine

When it comes to the traditional Japanese “Kappo” style cuisine, Japanese Sake pops up to our mind as the best thing to drink. Odajima(小田島), a Kappo restaurant located off-street in Roppongi, Tokyo, has served elaborately selected wine with its authentic Kappo cuisine. 

Photo by Odajima
The Kappo restaurant was started 31 years ago by a young and ambitious chef, Mr. Minoru Odajima now in his 70’s. He started his career as a cook in Japanese restaurant in Tokyo and moved to Paris where he worked in a Japanese restaurant and met his wife to be. In the days in Paris, he found the nice fit of wines to Japanese foods. After returning to Tokyo, he started his own small restaurant in which he fed his customers with authentic Kappo cuisine with well selected wines.

Left : Chef Mr. Odajima, Right : Mr. Odajima’s son (Photo by Odajima)
The menu (JPY22,500) consists of 8 dishes of the seasonal cuisine and 6 grasses of wine. The specialty of Odajima is stirred foie gras with Japanese radish in “dashi” soup. The guests enjoy the dish with a grass of very fine Sauternes noble rot wine. Well cooked foie gras together with Japanese radish which is steamed in Japanese “dashi” soup perform a wonderful harmony.

Stirred foie gras with “dashi” steamed Japanese radish (Photo by Odajima)
You would be able to find unexpected marriage between fine wines and seasonal Japanese dishes. For example, Odajima serves sashimi Tuna with fine Burgundy. It was first time even for me, a Japan born Japanese, to taste raw Tuna with red wine. The combination shows exquisitely beautiful. Tuna’s fresh flavor and sour taste fit Burgundy very well.

Total 24 sheets (Photo by Odajima)

Kappou Odajiima(割烹 小田島)
7-18-24, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
18:00~22:00 (Last order)
Sunday closed



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