Welcome to EATOKYO.jp, the restaurant guide of Japan

This is a Japan restaurant guide, “EATOKYO.jp”, for foreign visitors to Japan. This column is authored by a Japanese business person who loves Japanese food culture.

Why the Restaurant Guide of Japan in ENGLISH?

The number of in-bound visitors hit the record high, 24 million, in 2016 – see the following chart. I found that there is not enough restaurant information written in English on the internet, while more and more foreign people have interest in Japan as a destination of their trip. This is why I made my mind to write this column in English.

The number of the in-bound visitors hit the record high in 2016.

I’m fascinated to share my wonderful gourmet experiences in Japan with the  frequent Japan visitors who are bored with the touristy places. It would be great if you could find a new aspect of this country after reading my posts.

This column’s editorial policy – four “NO”s.

This column is made based on the following principles;

  1. No Copy & Paste – the author actually visits the restaurant by himself. This blog does NOT copy & paste any other existing articles. This blog is absolutely original.
  2. No Commercial Incentive – the author does NOT write any advertising articles with commercial incentives. The author introduces only the restaurants which the author really likes.
  3. No Touristy Places – the author wishes to introduce the true food culture of this country. This column does not introduce any touristy places – the “foreign friendly” restaurant often serves disgusting quality foods. The author wants to let you know the truly nice restaurant though sometimes such authentic restaurants look like unfamiliar to foreigners – the quality of the food is amazing.
  4. Not Limited to Japanese Restaurants – this column picks up NOT only Japanese restaurants, but also international restaurants in Japan. As long as the author thinks the restaurant is worth introducing, he does never mind if it is Japanese restaurant or not.

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